What is MetaPath?

MetaPath is a Next Generation Metaverse Aggregator! Cross-metaverse, cross-gamefi, cross-chain, and multi-platform. There are many roads in the Metaverse, and MetaPath is the highway that connects them all!

What Does MetaPath Do?

The MetaPath blockchain asset smart routing protocol integrates any tokenized asset (Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, GameFi). You can swap or transfer digital assets across platforms with ease, and users from any blockchain can purchase NFTs and GameFi items with any cryptocurrencies in a fast and safe process.

How Does MetaPath Work?

MetaPath registers and discovers assets on the chain, monitors asset status and transaction behavior in real-time, establishes a dynamic routing table in the blockchain world, and bridges safe and efficient platforms/contracts through algorithmic splitting and step-by-step routing of transactions on the chain.

How Do I Get Started?

To swap or trade any token or buy NFTs or GameFi items with any token, head to the MetaPath interface, connect your wallet, and choose the transaction you want to carry out.

Is There A Fee to Use MetaPath?

There is NO FEE to connect your wallet to MetaPath and browse The Metaverse. Various transactions accrue fees based on the type of transaction and chain your process the transaction on. MetaPath, itself, collects fees only when you transact business.

What Wallet is Best for MetaPath?

MetaPath supports various wallets, like Coinbase and others - however MetaMask is recommended.

Why are Their Price Differences for Similar Transactions?

Cross-chain transactions sometimes have minimum thresholds, due to gas fees. The price difference you are seeing may be due to the limitations of the cross-chain swap or bridge we’ve integrated, and the minimum fees it is required to add.

Why is There no Fee Showing When I Attempt A Quote for my Transaction?

We use APIs to connect to NFT marketplaces, and sometimes those connections are not stable, due to how new the APIs are. Please wait a few moments for the information to populate or try the search again.

Do I Need to Register to Use MetaPath?

MetaPath does not require a registration process for you to explore The Metaverse!  MetaPath is open for public use without restrictions or discrimination as to who can benefit from the ease and speedy services offered by the platform. All transactions carried out on our platform are transparent and traceable. Anyone can swap, trade, and earn digital assets without limit.

Should I Worry About the Security of my Assets?

No way!Transactions carried out through MetaPath on the SWFT Blockchain are extremely secure - and because of blockchain technology and MetaPath Protocols, are more secure than traditional methods of doing business online. We have a good track record of stability, reliability, and security without a security incident or breach since our inception in 2017.

Why MetaPath?

We know you will always go for the best, that is why we are giving you the best. When you choose MetaPath, you chose the best.

Here are some reasons why you should choose MetaPath:

All transactions on MetaPath are transparent and traceable.
MetaPath is the pioneer next-level aggregator that enables cross-GameFi, cross-chain, cross-platforms, cross-game, cross-metaverse & more.
Anyone can make use of MetaPath without permission.
MetaPath routes all liquidities in the market and enables users to get the lowest rate possible.
MetaPath Protocol will not be affected by exploits of any provider. Maximum security of assets is guaranteed.
Each transaction through MetaPath Protocol will mint PATH tokens to you so you automatically get paid for every transaction you carry out on MetaPath.
MetaPath automatically finds the best rate for you.
MetaPath is the Protocol for all tokenized assets.
MetaPath has a multi-platform user interface that adapts to users’ needs.

For a more detailed guide, check out our: User Guide